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To Be A Great by Elf Locked

Robert Frost, stooped suddenly in this English pasture to grasp a stone and throw it. C: Howard Sochurek

The Greats had a purpose ,

Or so it seems.

To write about the stars,

Mankind and its dreams.

I aim high as a kite,

Meanwhile the Greats gleam .

I copy my masters .

In the hopes to scheme;

Of being a Poet :

like Frost and Keats

The Greats, to be one;

My limited imagination screams !

With all this self doubt,

I become my own competition.

The bubble is popped ,

I have been stopped;

Dead in my own tracks.

In what seems to be;

An ironic contrast.

Ah! The enviable position

Of the confident.

The Greats must have had

Quite the contentment

“To be or not to be”*

Self assured or Self-deprecating .

“That is the question”*

I am contemplating.

  • * quote from Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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